Anaga is a school hiking. If Anaga there would not be invented but it would be imposible to create such beauy, now preserved cores and customs wich our ancestors have left us with wich we can understand how they lived in this little haven in Nature after and before the conquest. Even today, you can study how was formed geologically this basalt stone over 1000 meters continuously eroded by trade winds wich makes it a living museum since the creation of life on Earth. 


But all this Paradise may be lost if we do not respect the environment, most of the Anaga paths are ancient, there were aborigines sidewalks adapted by the conquerors, and many of them are preserved today beacause they are still using. In a moderate way are used by all walkers who want to know our land and our people in a closer way. For conservation is imperative that you make proper use. A foot race is the best proposal to unite all the peoples of Anaga in his ways and this would be one of the best deals that colud make this fantastic hicker´s Paradise that we have in the Canary Islands.  


Vicente Infante Bonilla

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